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One Step Chicken Broth for Dogs

Updated: Jul 2, 2020

WARNING: Do NOT feed the cooked down chicken bones to your dogs under any circumstance. I asked Dr. Rachel Lampley of Balanced Companion Veterinary if I could put the cooked bones into a blender and puree them down. Her response was "The high Calcium and Phosphorous can cause growth disorders and bones, even pureed can cement in the intestine. This can lead to several potential issues like pancreatitis, concrete impaction, renal stress, and growth disorders." This makes me very glad I asked an expert!

I had leftover chicken bones from a Rotisserie Chicken I picked up from Kroger. I wanted to spoil the pups a little with a delicious addition to their normal dry food so I landed on making a broth with the leftover chicken bones. If you have never made Bone Broth before it is so simple! (You could make bone broth for yourself by adding Bay Leaves, Peppercorn etc...but this isn't about you right now.) This is such a simple recipe to follow you will be surprised you haven't done it before!


  • You can either do this in a Pot or a Crock-pot. Depends on how long you really want to spend on it. For this recipe I just used a pot on the stove top. I have done both ways and they both turn out great.

Crock-pot Cook Time: 6-8hrs on Low

Stove Top Cook Time: 1-2hrs on Low


1) Place chicken bones into pot and fill pot with water until it is covering the bones. * Do NOT add salt when making this for dogs.

2) Put the lid on the pot and place heat on low.

3) Let cook for 1-2hrs.

Once the broth is ready - strain the broth into a container. ie mason jar, liquid container.

  • Let broth cool until almost room temperature before putting it in the fridge. (Especially if you are storing in a glass container so your glass doesn't shatter from going hot to cold too quickly)

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