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Homemade Sweet Potato Dog Treats

It's so hard to know these days what exactly gets put into commercial dog treats! Just as a lot of human food, a lot of the ingredients can not even been pronounced!

Sometimes, its necessary to just get back to the basics! What can be more basic then a sweet potato cut up and put in the oven? After 3 hours in the oven at 250 degrees you will have your own bundle of home made dog treats they are going to LOVE!

Sweet Potato Treats

Cook Time: 3 Hrs Cost: $2ish [2-3 potatoes]

Tools: Cookie Sheet Cutting Board

Sharp Knife Pre-Heat Oven to 250 degrees

Step 1:

I found it easiest to cut the sweet potatoes in half first and then slice them. My sweet potatoes were really large so it was tedious to cut it long ways. If you have a smaller sweet potato feel free to cut long ways!

Cut the potato in about 1/2inch slices!

Step 2:

After trying both ways I had read about if found the sweet potatoes WITHOUT the parchment paper works best and produces a better product! You are essentially dehydrating the potato!

Step 3:

Wait around for 3 hours... Enjoy a book, clean the house, do some know all things fun!

Step 4:

It is important to cook the full 3 hrs...even a little longer if you feel like you need to. I took them out a little early at first they were a little tender still instead of dehydrated.

Be sure to let COOL before giving to the pups!

Fresh Out of the Oven

Step 5:

Let the pups enjoy!


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