About Us

In 2011, I walked into my local animal shelter, where, in the first stall i stumbled upon a litter of lab mix puppies. They were kind of crawling all over each other, but there was one that stood out form the rest, basically sprawling out across  her sisters as if she was some kind of queen on parade.

And that's how, a day later, I walked out of the shelter with my new BFF, Sadie!

From that day forward,  my life changed for the better! She quickly became the inspiration for creating Yoga With Dogs, because, well, if you've ever tried to do yoga with a dog in the vicinity, you know they see it as only one thing: PLAY TIME!

And thus the Instagram account @yogawithdogs was born! To have you and your canine yogi featured, just tag us!


Rosa & Sadie

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